Women specific Workshops

Being in the corporate sector for 6 years that too in the power sector, Purti is aware of the unique problems faced by women at workplace. Though they may comprise a smaller percentage of your workforce, it is vital to keep them motivated and happy. Therefore, apart from the corporate modules, Purti Image Consultancy offers women–centric training sessions which empower them and make them more confident at work.

These training sessions can give your company an edge over competition and establish your reputation as a company which truly values their female staff.

They can be arranged at regular intervals or on special occasions like woman’s day .The workshops offered by Purti Image Consultancy are:

  1. Corporate dressing – International Style Scale
  2. Dressing as per Body Shape
  3. Professional Make Up for Working Women
  4. The science of colours – How to mix and match colours
  5. Clustering your clothes – How to be ready fast and fabulous for work everyday

All the above workshops include practical demonstrations for better understanding of concepts.