True to her image Purti is a consultant who practices what she preaches. She took me through the entire journey of image transformation and I feel very different and happy. I am a person who never thought that western wear was for me. I took comfort in dressing in only jeans and kurti’s on all occasions. But she taught me the power of appropriate dressing and being confident in my choices with western wear and look great.

The shopping experience with her was particularly amazing because she took into account occasions, my personal style, my profession and personality into account before letting me spend money on clothes. This is when I realized the importance of effective shopping. this was an experience when I came back home after shopping and didn’t regret buying something because it all looked great on me!

Thank you Purti !

Kritika Mathur Prasad [ Designer ]

 Wondered about this profession…What it does…Why would anybody’s image need a consultation? And what is an image consultant? There were ads on print and live media…and then there was some show of Tiffany’s makeover india..And then there was Ms.Purti Singh…a simple sober sophisticated lady…yet so powerful…who changed everything !!


When I first met her…I came to know about the answers to all the above questions….and realised….Image does matter … Being a bachelor and a professional for seven long years, I never thought that my clothes needed planning as per my lifestyle , was not at all stylish and did not even have a slight out of the box tadka in it…


And this consultant did turn my style world upside down. I went through all the clinics, pep talks, needs and not’s and a lot of fun but informative stuff ….I was living in a dark world I must say….dozens of dark t-shirts… blue black and black and then blue black…literally afraid of other colours…and jeans and jeans and jeans … plus on the professional front – 80%was a chessboard (checks) and pants….’Dr Purti’ urged me to try different clothing styles, textures and patterns and all colours which suited my persona…..and eureka!! It worked…


Now there’s a different me all together…The loner and always-in-the-shadows guy has become a party show stopper…Few days back I went to one … and surprised the whole bunch of people gathered there. Not a guy left the party without praising me – for a colour which l never thought all these years to wear – turquoise green…yes!! that was quite a confidence booster for me…


There were quite some loopholes in my etiquette and body language which were ignored by me till now. Purti did an in-depth analysis…listened…observed the way I looked, talked, walked, and corrected all these – always explaining the Why’s …Best part about her is that she has a lot of patience….always encouraging and positive…boosting your confidence….


If u think you are doing it right – check again- maybe you are not…think and check if u need a style check…she is the one …


Purti …heartfelt thanks and Good Wishes for all good things you did and are doing…Make India bold confident n colorfully beautiful with your out of the box ideas…all the best …god bless you and your new endeavour..

Ashish [Marketing Professional]

I had heard about image management and read it in the papers but frankly speaking , I didn’t think  it could make much of a difference .So , after our initial talks , when I agreed to have an image makeover – I was very casual about it.


But when we had our first session in Center Square Mall, I was so impressed by the technical details of every aspect of a person’s image that I sat up and listened to every single thing you said.

We all know how to dress but to make an impact in the same dress was taught by you.

The way you analysed my character and my tastes, it was simply amazing. The best part was that we had so much fun doing it together. A fun learning method inspiring you to greater poise and professional confidence.


I feel that you have found your true calling and shall be an immensely successful Image Consultant.


All the best



Nidhi Rai is a business owner who has recently started her own venture – Work Pile Solutions catering to provide end to end services to new industries. She has 30 years of Corporate experience in companies like Reliance , General Motors , Alstom and Honda.

Nidhi Rai [ Business Owner ]