Recommended watch – ” The true cost”

Recommended watch – ” The true cost”


There is nothing glamorous about this documentary on fashion apart from its poster. Yet, it is so important for each of us who is in the fashion industry either as a provider or consumer, to watch it. I always had a nagging feeling about the cheap quality of clothes in the current market and the question of their recyclability and wearability. This documentary answered so many questions – the answers to which I somewhat knew, but could’nt estimate the magnitude of  impact on the society before I watched the film.

The film documents how the popular big brands in the industry today, in their race to reduce cost and increase profits- turn a blind eye to the basic rights of the workers in their factories which are mostly based in the poor countries. In the whole cycle of production- they are the only weak points and are exploited for cost reduction.

We as consumers are only concerned about  getting a “deal” and hoard clothes in our quest to find happiness- a sure shot way to happiness and acceptance sold to us by the media. This needs to stop and the change can only begin with us. We need to be more aware as consumers about the clothes we buy rather than just looking at the price tag – for the cost of fast fashion is far more than we can imagine.

As an image consultant I always urge my clients to buy only what they need and suits their requirement, donate what is lying unused and be aware of the cost per wear, quality and suitability to the roles. If you have the habit of shopping at every season sale, have a wardrobe full of unworn clothes or buy clothes just because they’re on sale- this movie will make you think really hard.

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