“Known by all, done by few” communication tip

“Known by all, done by few” communication tip





A key to establishing strong connections – TALK AUDIENCE BASED. This is true in personal, professional and social lives – be it the neighborhood aunty buying vegetables with you, the people attending your presentation or an evening get together.

DO NOT MIX professional talk with personal talk and vice versa except in small amounts to add interest. You may end up regretting revealing too much information to the wrong audience. They will either get bored or draw wrong conclusions due to lack of  enough background information which may harm your reputation.

Some telltale signs of the loss of interest are the person looking in the direction of the door (wants to escape/leave), looking at the mobile phone or watch, trying to change the topic, yawning, saying hmm, yea even before you complete sentences, lack of expressions on the face, no nodding and looking elsewhere. When this happens, remember its time to stop talking and steer the conversation to their interest, Better still- LET THEM TALK

Always direct the content of your talk in line with the audience interest and you will have them “All ears”


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