Power packed without a suit

Power packed without a suit

A suit communicates power, polish and influence.

Be it a meeting, an interview or client meet, wearing a suit is the norm in multinationals. People in training and marketing professions are also often expected to wear a suit.

A suit does convey authority and high level of formality. However, it is not much suited for the Indian climate.


Here are a few ways in which you can pack power in outfit without donning a suit:

1) Shirts – Pastels, light colours, solid pattern ( no prints) shirts in linen or cotton look more polished and formal than dark colours or patterned shirts such as checks or widely spaced lines. Opt for full sleeves over half sleeves.



2) Trousers – Black, navy and charcoal colours in solid pattern ( no stripes or checks) looks more authoritative and provides good contrast with the light shirt

black           charcoal           navy trouser


3) Belts and shoes – Black is the best bet as brown looks sporty and business casual. Match your belt with the shoes

shoe pv8073_black1._provogue-black-formal-leather-shoes belt


4) Watches- Opt for leather belt or metal watches rather than funky or sporty watches when you want to look more formal

leatherite-semi-formal-watch-medium_8a3154691022a829ade5565041bf8775  TI000O20700-timex-formal-watch-TI000O20700-for-men   Titan-Exquisite-Golden-Formal-Watch-SDL001514207-1-3e62d


5) Tie, tie bar – Tie is an option and it does add a finishing touch, however it depends on your comfort. It is suggested to go for a contrasting colour tie with your shirt. A tie bar also adds polish to the whole look and makes the outfit look more interesting.

Gold-Tie-Bar-On-Mens-Purple-Tie- Tie_Bar_Fleur1 tie-bar-w-shirt


Here are a few examples of high authority dressing :

94afbfc25d6c04dd6536f8640fe2abaf          400-tie-clip-man

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