Men’s Styling – Same suit, Different Looks

Men’s Styling – Same suit, Different Looks

With the wedding season comes the dilemma of what to wear on each occasion. The big fat Indian wedding comes with back to back functions and sometimes we even have to attend back to back weddings of friends and family. Investing in a different outfit every time can prove to be a costly option while wearing the same outfit, boring. The solution- different styling of the same core pieces to achieve entirely different looks every time.

A matched suit is often there in every man’s wardrobe. Here I am sharing different ways to style the same suit with very little extra investment.

  • Add a pocket square : A pocket square makes the look interesting and adds a pop of colour. You can wear it with or without a tie.



  • Wear a different coloured shirt : A shirt with silky or shiny finish,  jewel coloured or deep rich coloured like maroon and purple changes the look the suit to a more evening appropriate.



  • Wear an interesting tie : A satin finish tie adds instant sparkle to your ensemble. Do not shy away from pink as it is a common colour in pagdis/headgear at Indian weddings and acceptable for men too. Use the occasion to have a little fun with colours and patterns in ties.


  • Add a bright coloured sweater or vest : The good thing about Indian weddings is that they generally happen in cooler weather so you can add layers. You can stand out from the crowd by wearing a vest/ waistcoat in contrasting colour inside the suit.


  • Mix it up : Who said you cant break up your suit into separates? Wear your full suit one day and break it up and wear the jacket with a different trouser the next day. A navy blazer works amazingly well with khakhis to give a cool look. You can also wear the blazer with denim. Add on different coloured shoes and belt and you’re all set with a new outfit altogether.



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