Restore your confidence through Image Therapy

Restore your confidence through Image Therapy


I am no doctor by qualification- I am an Image Consultant. Yet, so many of my clients like to call me Dr. Purti. What do I do? I help people look great and create powerful impressions by recommending them clothes that suit their personality, body shape, lifestyle, roles, goals, personal colours and personal style. Oh clothes !! You may react. That is so superficial … But is it?

Clothes affect us at a much deeper level than we can imagine. They affect our confidence and self identity. Take some of these instances :

  • A small town girl when she shifts to a bigger city suddenly feels outdated from her peer group and starts feeling inferior to her surroundings thereby cutting herself off
  • A girl who likes to call herself tomboyish, when she grows older, starts feeling the pinch and wants to show her feminine side but gets stuck in her image. She convinces herself that looking and dressing in a feminine way is not her cup of tea which affects her confidence
  • A woman whose husband or  boyfriend, loses interest in her, starts questioning if she is not attractive enough and develops low self esteem
  • In a gathering where everyone is dressed well you start feeling like a plain Jane and feel out of place and withdraw from the conversations

Are these real life scenarios? You bet they are. Fact of the matter is that our appearance affects our emotions and self confidence. As an Image Consultant I equip you with all the knowledge required to present your best self – to yourself and to the world. My aim is to make every person confident and proud of the way they appear keeping in place the values that matter the most to them. I am ready to share this journey to a better you. Are you ??


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