Recommended read- Feeling Good by David D. Burns

Recommended read- Feeling Good by David D. Burns

A vital part of your image is your behavior with the people in your personal and professional life. A person’s behavior derives from his thoughts. If you are angry, depressed, always procrastinating, cant handle criticism, guilty or high on anxiety – the root cause is one and that is ” Distorted thinking”. Keeping this the central idea in his bestselling book, David D Burns- clinical psychologist and MD from Stanford university offers a solution to all the above commonly experienced problems.

The approach to self help is not wishy washy but based on solid research and well documented results of experiments. Feeling good is rated the number one book recommended by psychologists all over US over the last 20 years. A must read to improve your personal and professional image as the way you think, affects the way you feel which affects the way you behave and ultimately how others respond to you.

Some of the concepts that I loved from the book :

1) The list of 11 thinking distortions such as all or nothing thinking( He always does this, she never does that, Ive always been a loser etc, ), Overgeneralisation ( This always happens with me), Magnification ( This is not at all acceptable), Fortune teller and Mind reading ( What if this happens, He thinks im an impediment to his success) etc.

2) Anger and depression are opposites- In the first you explode outwards while in the other you implode inwards. Both of these hurt the person who is suffering from it. Both result from distorted thinking. But the difference between them is that while in depression you are in a state where it takes time to react, in anger many times you act before you can analyse your distorted thoughts. A good approach suggested in the book is to document all the common situations which make you angry and think of the “hot thoughts”. Identify the distorted thinking and replace with reality- “cool thoughts”. All this needs to be done in advance because when you are in that explosive state you dont have time to think of your reactions.

Such and many more practical and time tested techniques are mentioned in this book to a Happier You. After all, only once you feel good inside, can you behave and look good outside.


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