How to buy clothes of correct fit

How to buy clothes of correct fit

As a personal shopper,  in order to stay up to date with current trends and what is available in the market , I often go window shopping in the local malls of Hyderabad. Recently on one of such trips , I couldn’t help but notice how many people were wearing clothes which were the wrong fit .This was the inspiration for me to write this blog.

Why are so many people wearing the wrong fit clothes ? There are two main reasons :


1)      In order to save costs , retailers often leave little to no seam allowances on the garments . Thus there is no chance of even minor alterations in case you have variations in size .

2)      There is the desire to fit into smaller labelled sizes ( S,M etc. ) and avoid larger sizes like L, XL even though the larger size may fit better and nobody notices the tag anyway.


The solution ? Prevention is better than cure . Here im listing some common fitting problems ive observed and things to keep in mind while considering fit :



Too tight under the arms – There should be 1 to 1.5 inches allowance under the armpit .

 girl shirt


Too tight on the bust/chest and waist – there should be 2 – 3 inches allowance on the bust/chest and 1-1.5 inches on the waist

Remember – There should be no gapping between the buttons



 Too tight on the waist and legs – Due to stretch you may fit into the jeans , however there is no breathing space and all bulges become clearly visible .The tummy bulges out from the sides and top of the waist of the jeans .Skinny people appear skinnier and bottom heavy appear heavier . There should be no wrinkles on the trouser / pant when standing straight .


You should be able to bring your arms to the front without horizontal wrinkles appearing in the back of the blazer .

Note – Clothes that are too loose or too tight – both make you appear smaller or bigger than you really are .

Apart from the tips above , do refer the blog on the website titled “ Dressing as per body type – A unique solution for a unique you.”  You may consider hiring an image consultant to determine your exact body type and recommend you options in western and Indian wear for the perfect fitting silhouettes  as per your body type .


  1. Shaan Jagetiya

    I approve of your blog and I totally agree with your suggestions too..Good that you took it up to write bout it.

  2. Purti Singh

    Thanks Shaan …

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