Dressing as per Body Shape – A unique solution for a unique you

Dressing as per Body Shape – A unique solution for a unique you

Why does the same dress look different on you and someone else?

The answer lies in body shape.

Many times people try to copy the latest trends but it ends up not suiting them. An awareness of your body shape can be extremely helpful in order to look attractive .The market is flooded with slim fit and ultra for shirts, narrow fit trousers – however, more often than not, they do not fit most body types. You end up being frustrated and dissatisfied with your body, not realising that different clothes styles suit different people.

Here are some ways in which getting to learn how to dress as per body shape with the help of an image consultant may help you in the long run:

  1. You learn how to dress slim according to your body type without losing weight
  2. You start developing a more positive body image since you have options to dress attractively
  3. The consultant gives you clever tricks to highlight your best features and lead the attention away from where you don’t want it
  4. You learn what type of accessories suit you – what to wear and what to avoid
  5. You save time , money and energy while shopping knowing exactly what suits you

Get a body shape evaluation done before you head to the mall this season.


  1. Manjiri

    I love your workshop title Dressing as per Body shape . I am staying in bombay and not possible to attend this , but if you are comning to bombay then me an my friends will deinately attend it
    thx a lot

  2. Purti Singh

    Hey Manjiri … Thanks for writing in .. Sure would keep you informed in case I conduct a workshop there 🙂

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